"Everyone should have a doula..... Jessica was the best investment we made!"

Jessica was my doula for the birth of my third baby. She was amazing for my pregnancy support , anytime I had a silly question - and was right there for us on delivery day. I was induced and it ended up being an unexpected 2 day labor / delivery. We stayed in touch the entire time and she came in right when we needed her and supported myself and my fiancée -- though it ended up being a medicated (epidural) birth, with pitocin - there was no way I would have wanted to do it any other way! It was amazing! Everyone should have a doula..... Jessica was the best investment we made :) the calm in the room was thanks to her. Also her postpartum services were awesome as well - my kids LOVED having her there helping out and she helped keep me sane. -Alex & Kristen


Jessica provided incredibly compassionate and supportive doula services during a very stressful time for my family. Initially, we planned to have a natural birth. However, we learned very late in the game that I would need a c-section, due to our little boy being in a breech position. This was very stressful for both my husband and I. Jessica helped us think through our options and consider what was best for all of us. Ultimately her insightful words helped me accept the necessary surgery - "Lindsey, I truly believe that there's a reason for everything and babies know what they're doing. There's a reason he's in this position." (Which turned out to be true, as our little guy was a 10 pounder at birth! Ouch!) Of course Jessica still came to the hospital for the procedure. She sat with us through the surgery prep and helped ensure that we advocated for some of our original desires, despite the c-section, including immediate skin to skin contact, delay of most newborn procedures, and breastfeeding as soon as possible. The surgical team seemed surprised by some of these requests, but ultimately supported our wishes, including a session of breastfeeding while I was still on the OR table. Jessica was allowed to be in the OR room with my husband and I for the surgery. She took AMAZING photos, most of which I would never have otherwise. (She should seriously consider a second career as a photographer!!). After the surgery, she helped us settle into our room and provided support for breastfeeding. As for many new moms, breastfeeding turned out to be rather challenging for me. At our postpartum visit, Jess answered all my questions thoroughly and provided guidance on some of my challenges. She also diligently followed up multiple times to see how things were progressing for us. Overall, we truly appreciate the support Jess provided for what turned out to be a very different than expected birth path. Thank you Jessica! -Derek & Lindsey

Jessica supported us for the birth of our daughter in January 2016. Even before the birth, it was clear that Jessica has a true gift for this work. She has a calming, angelic presence, is knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth, and is self-assured and decisive.

Jessica first met with us to discuss our preferences and suggested a number of useful things to prepare for our first home birth. She came from a place of humility and respected our journey as unique and personal to us. I liked that she had first-hand experience with VBAC and both in- and out-of-hospital birth, all relevant to me. Jessica did an amazing job leading my Mother Blessing ceremony (Blessingway) - a memory I will cherish forever!

The day of the birth, Jessica supported us through what turned out to be a very fast active labor and birth. She was hands-on (as I had requested) and suggested positions and breathing that helped me through the hardest contractions. When things were moving along more quickly than expected and the midwife had not yet arrived, Jessica stayed calm, protected my space, and helped my husband who had a lot on his shoulders himself.

In the end, the midwife arrived and we had a peaceful waterbirth for our baby girl. Jessica even took pictures of the birth that are worthy of a magazine! I have no idea how she did it in the midst of the commotion at the end, except that she knew it was important to me and made it happen.

After the birth, Jessica checked up on me frequently, helped me process the range of emotions from the birth, and gave me some helpful breastfeeding tips. I know at the time of this birth Jessica was just starting out on her journey as a doula, but she is an old soul and frankly, there are some qualities – qualities that make Jessica a natural – that even experience cannot grow. I will be recommending Jessica to anyone looking for a doula, as I hope many more mothers can experience her gift of support while bringing their babies into the world! -Miles & Jessica



Jessica is an amazing doula that I highly recommend. She was with my husband and I for the birth of our 3rd baby. Our goal was a natural birth and a calm, peaceful environment. We wanted someone who would work with our midwife and nurses well, and Jessica was the perfect fit. She is very knowledgable and confident. She's calm and steady. She's encouraging and supportive. My husband was impressed with her ability to take over for him when he needed a break and trusted her intuition. I felt extremely comfortable with her in all stages of my labor, and she was able to be a huge support to me during such a vital time. She also has followed up with me regularly after the birth, above and beyond, which I needed and appreciated. Jessica is using her natural talents, abilities, and gifts to help other women, and I think she will be an excellent doula to many more amazing women in the future! -Josh & Mandy